Lately I’ve been thinking of the things we do for our beauty and skin care. Although it sounds superficial, caring for your skin and expressing yourself through makeup isn’t all vanity – many of the questionable beauty rituals we perform are about keeping skin healthy, happy and fresh. Of course, some are just fun too. Here are 10 beauty rituals that actually offer results – no matter how crazy they seem to onlookers!

ten beauty insane crazy rituals

1. Steeping some tea bags only to let it cool and press on your eyesas a de-puffer when you got no sleep the night before.

2. Covering up your face with folded, lotion soaked tissues for a DIY sheet mask.

3. Using a business cardas a stencil when perfecting your cat eye.

4. Covering your fingertips in Scotch tape in an attempt to slay your nail art. Precision is key!

5. Before you know it, it will be time to break out the bikinis and hit the beach, meaning DIY savvy beach bums everywhere will try applying cool chamomile tea bags to their bikini line to offset the irritating effects of shaving.

6. Layering a dab of Vaseline on eyelids in order to achieve a high gloss beauty look.

7. Taking a cue from Japan’s greatest anti-aging secrets by investing in a facial massager that is said to firm up skin and reduce the appearance of wrinkles. Or, you could always dabble in face yoga and perform a few face-firming moves.

8. Mixing up a few sprigs of fresh rosemary and thyme for the ultimate shine enhancing hair rinse that may even enrich color and beat dandruff. Why not save a few herbs for tea while you wait?

9. If you’re truly daring when it comes to trying the latest skin care trends, you might experiment with ditching the body wash in favor of a more natural approach.

10. Anyone with fine hair should be armed with a few thickening tricks up her sleeve. You might even be so passionate about obtaining thicker looking hair that you blow dry with your head upside down, brushing out the strands to give it as much lift as possible. (See all of my tricks for making fine hair look thicker here.)

Maybe a lot of us do have a few silly, and sometimes impractical, habits when it comes to maintaining our beauty, skin and hair. But it’s all in good fun. Who doesn’t want to experiment and explore new things every once in awhile, anyway? Save this list for your next girl’s night and enjoy the process!

What’s the craziest thing you’ve done in the name of beauty?

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