School may have started for some of you and for others it’s on the way this September. No matter what class you’re in or school you go to, heading to class every day can be tough. But it can also be amazing, and since you have to do it anyway, you might as well try to make it the best year yet! It may seem simple now, but these little reminders can make a world of difference a week or even months down the line.

Back to School Advice

1.  You have it in you. Remember this when you’re studying, struggling with a relationship or dealing with personal drama. You have what it takes to get through anything and you will!

2. School is work. You must dedicate time and energy to your studies. This goes for extracurriculars, sports and a social life too—all take commitment and practice, but are so worth it.

3. Your mental health matters. If you’re exhausted or mentally drained, it will reflect poorly at school. No one can hold it together all the time. Take a break, talk to a friend, see the counselor, focus on your health, and get some sleep! There’s no shame in doing what you have to do to stay healthy.

4. Positivity has a snowball effect. You can’t always control outside circumstances but you can control your own actions. Spread positivity wherever you can—from complimenting a classmate to finding the good in a bad situation. It WILL come back to you.

5. An open mind will carry you through the year. Be open to new friendships, explore new interests and hobbies… and don’t forget that change isn’t always bad.

6. You need to cultivate friendships. As much as I love the “real world”, I miss the fact that school is the one place you automatically have an entire community of people your own age surrounding you daily. When you meet someone new, remember that it takes time to build and maintain friendships, but you may have some of these friends for the rest of your life in return.

7. People will always try to get in the way—you don’t have to let them. Unfortunately, there will always be negative forces. Even if they’re not your typical “bully”, it could be a classmate who makes rude comments or a toxic friendship. But you have the power to terminate bad relationships or at least ignore those negative forces, as hard as it seems at times.

8. It’s never too late to succeed. Often, especially toward the end of a school year, a few bad tests or grades can get you down. But one thing to remember for each class you take is that there’s always time to turn it around. Even if you’ve done the math and know you can’t get the grade you want, you can finish a semester on a positive note no matter what! For more on this, see these success tips for guidance.

9. You can’t please everyone. Not all feedback is positive. That doesn’t mean that we need to be constantly showered with compliments, but if you’re given feedback, it should be constructive and helpful. If someone criticizes you in a way that makes you feel small, it’s not constructive and you can forget it!

10. School has some major perks. Have you ever heard older people say that you should cherish these moments because they’re some of the best in your life? Although your school days can be extremely difficult at times, the opportunities for lasting friendships, harnessing your talents and exploring new paths are endless. Once you get older, you’ll find that some of these are even more difficult to come by. So go in to school remembering these 10 things, and you’ll set yourself up for a successful, happy school year ahead—one that you’ll remember the rest of your life.

And these aren’t the only things to think about this school year. Read my post on life lessons that school won’t teach you here.

Good luck to everyone heading back to school!

<3 Mish


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