With outfit ideas for your Independence Day activities settled, it’s on to the nails. Yes, you can show your love for the nation with stars and stripes and all things patriotic. Flags, anyone? But you can also cover your nails in designs that either use the colors of our country in more everyday wearable ways or are representative of the traditions that come along with celebrating this great country–backyard bbqs and fireworks! Here are three looks that you can try this weekend that are not only easy-peasy to achieve, but can still be worn long after the festivities have ended. 

Watermelon Nails

Watermelon Nails

These delicious looking tips show one of the best summer fruits around! Yum…and only take three steps.

  1. Polish the full nail with a vibrant green.
  2. About a third of the way from the base polish red over the green. You want to leave a little green exposed around the nail, or if worried about messing up the sides create a traditional ruffian.
  3. Using a Sally Hansen Nail Art Pen, add little black seeds all over each nail. Top coat and done!

Firework Nails

Firework Nails

You could actually use any shade for the base, but make sure you use a metallic or glitter to really capture a booming, sparkling effect.

  1. Polish nails with a bright blue or royal blue nail polish.
  2. Once dry, use a toothpick and a silver nail lacquer like essie No Place Like Chrome to create little exploding firecrackers across the nail. You’ll want to start from the center of each firework and wisp the lacquer outwards to the falling tips.
  3. Make sure to apply top coat to give your nails extra shine and preserve your polish.

Center Dots

Dotted Line Nails

This quick manicure says “Let’s Celebrate!” without getting literal. No stars necessary, just a dotting tool and a steady hand.

  1. Polish entire nail red. Deborah Lippman Don’t Stop Believin’ is the perfect shade choice for this look.
  2. Using a dotting tool with a fairly small tip, make small dots in a row down the center of your nail with a white polish. You can make all of the dots the same size or have them descend in size from the base to the tip.
  3. Like always, top coat those babies and get ready to wave those sparklers!

How will your nails be dressed up for the weekend? Hope everyone has an amazing and safe 4th of July!!

<3 Mish

Beauty, makeup

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