Summer is coming to a close. Students are preppy for the new school year and all the rest of us are falling back into the reality of less pool days and more work (no more summer Fridays!). But letting go of the fun you had doesn’t have to disappear with the warm weather. You can preserve your summer memories easily. So you can remember the road trips, the bonfires, the songs, and the stories you created for the year to come, I’ve compiled these 3 cool ways to lock away your best moments.

Saving Summer Memories

1. Print Them – Scrapbooking and photo books have been around for years, but turning your Instagrams into printed masterpieces, that’s the way to go. You can collect the summer mayhem from all of your friend’s feeds into an artistic and chic coffee table book. Using services like Artifact Uprising means you’ll make a stunning minimalistic book or can print your pictures into a calendar for the coming year. They have other beautiful offerings as well. If you want the pictures with you without having to thumb through them at your desk, opt for using a service like Sticky9 to turn them into magnets or stickers for inside your locker, on your fridge or on your laptop cover.

2. Write Them – This option is all about saving the best moments or quotes between friends. It’s kind of like keeping a time capsule and a very easy DIY. Get a mason jar for each of your friends. Then have everyone write (or type up) all of their favorite memories from the summer (write each one as many times as there are friends). Cut them up, fold them and place in the mason jars. You can decorate each one for added girls night fun. Over the next year, every time you need a mood boost, pull out a memory and smile–it’s an excellent way to warm up fall and winter.

3. Play Them – I don’t know about you, but music always reminds me of specific memories in my life. So gather the tunes that remind you of summer–the ones you deleted out in your care, the ones that played during heart-to-hears, and the ones that remind you of each other and save them in a playlist. You can make it even more memorable by burning it to a CD with a custom decorated cover, then hand it out. It gibes off a little old school mix tape vibe, but is the ultimate “see ya soon” gift if you have to leave your friends at the end of the season (back to school everyone goes!). Then every time you’re driving around, you can pop it in and remember the times you laughed til you cried.

Have any ideas on how to preserve your summers best moments? Share below!

<3 Mish


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