It used to seem like people were either crafty or they weren’t, that people were artists or not. But these days anyone can pull off a DIY, even if they aren’t used to creating. I’m sure I’ve said it before, but home should be your sanctuary, your happy place. For me that means a bright, modern space, calming colors, and lots of expressive details. In honor of home sweet home, this week I’ve rounded up 5 DIY tutorials that would make any home the ultimate space. Be sure to let me know if you try any of them!

1. Dip Dyed Candlesticks by Almost Makes Perfect

DIP Dyed Candle Sticks Almost Makes Perfect

I love the ombré effect of these DIY candlesticks, not to mention the gorgeous teal color. These would not only be a great staple for home, but a fun décor piece to impress your guests with at parties.

2. Wood Scalloped Wall by Classy Clutter

Home Decor DIY Projects to Try

Accent walls are one of the easiest ways to dress up a bedroom without doing a full remodel, and you can even find ones that are suitable if for rentals. This scallop wall looks the most complicated out of the DIYs I chose, but the result is well worth it! With the geometric pendant light and colorful accents combined with natural lighting and bright white pieces, this room comes off as fun and stylish.

3. Geometric Accent Wall by Sugar & Cloth

Sugar and Cloth DIY Wall Accent

Speaking of geometric, here’s another way to easily dress up a wall. The blogger above used paint to create the triangles, but you could try out contact paper cut in various shapes and probably even get away with it in a dorm room.

4. Modern Concrete Planters by Paper & Stitch 

Paper and Stitch Concrete Planters DIY

You’d never be able to tell, but these concrete planters are actually made from sprinkler guards found in the home improvement stores. Genius! Indoor plants can brighten up a space and even purify the air, so I always keep them in my home anyway – crafting a new home for them seems like the perfect project!

5. Macramé Wall Hanging from A Beautiful Mess

ABM - DIY weaving

Wall hangings are becoming really popular as home décor, and the DIY possibilities are endless. They’re great for those who have minimal wall space but want to make a big impact, and they can even be a conversation piece for guests! This macramé hanging is made from cotton piping and copper pipes.

Have you done any DIYs lately? What’s your favorite piece of home décor? Share in the comments! 

<3 Mish


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