You know what they say: history repeats itself. Yes, I love that as a society we’re always coming up with new ideas and stumbling upon the next big thing, but it’s so fun to look back on the years past at all the fashion trends or interests of women our age. Vintage beauty looks (and beauty tips), as well as fashion and culture, still have such an enormous influence on our lives today. With that in mind, I perused the archives of some iconic magazines for a few covers to share in today’s five favorites:


This July 1970 cover of Marisa Berenson by David Bailey is one of Vogue’s most iconic. Those colorful baubles and lush lashes aren’t the reason why, though. Berenson’s then-boyfriend Helmut Berger appeared alongside her on the cover, the first man to ever grace a cover of Vogue.


You may have never seen this cover before, but here’s a fun fact: It’s Elle’s first-ever issue, which made its debut in 1945 in France. The magazine didn’t actually launch in the US until the 80s, and the 1985 issue shows just how different the trends were by then. If only fashion magazines today still featured cats! ;)

Screen Shot 2014-10-09 at 10.39.18 PM

Another favorite 1940s cover is this editorial of 18-year-old Lauren Bacall, then a fashion model, on the cover of Harper’s Bazaar in March 1943. Shortly after this cover shot by famed Harper’s photographer Louise Dahl-Wolfe, Bacall went on to become a successful actress known for her deep, husky voice (that she was trained to have!) – not to mention her beauty and style too.


In Vogue’s September 1964 issue, actress and model Veronica Hamel posed for “The Ornamental Eye” which featured her striking green eyes outlined with a bold zebra stripe. This one was photographed by Irving Penn. So 1960s! This would make for a great mod Halloween look, too.


Of course, I had to give a little nod to the 80s with this cover of Madonna for Tatler photographed by Herb Ritts in 1987. At this time, Madonna was on the cover of just about everything, and her hairstyles and fashion created some of the most iconic looks we love to reflect back on today.

 Which is your fave? Have a good weekend everyone!

<3 Mish

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