Lately I’ve loved sharing the work of other dreamers. That’s how ipsy Open Studios came about and it’s why I always share when I find something new and amazing. There’s something really powerful about coming across the product of someone else’s dream – in this case jewelry – and falling in love. When you do that, there’s no reason not to spread the word. These designers are not only changing the idea of fine jewelry, but are behind some of the biggest trends we all love:

Indie Jewelry Designers | Michelle Phan

La Lune Ring (Moonstone)

1. Junon Jewelry – This label is a line of “contemporary crystal jewelry for the conscious soul” and all of their one of a kind pieces are inspired by the tarot deck – with each collection based off of one of the Major Arcana. Not only are the crystals involved in each piece used because of their individual healing properties, each stone selected is a stunning addition. They even have hair accessories, like this quartz bunpiece.

Indie Jewelry Designers | Michelle Phan

Vesper Ring

2. Workhorse – Designers Zoë Chicco + Archive Jewelry came together to create Workhorse, which blends revamped vintage statement pieces with fine jewelry. Although you are making an investment with any Workhorse piece, you will receive a work of art that could last you a lifetime.

Indie Jewelry Designers | Michelle Phan

Mineralogy Rings

3. Mineralogy – After taking an Earth science class, Chicago based metalsmith Theresa Cowan created her one of a kind jewelry line to showcase the beauty of minerals. All materials come from reputable sources – the metals are recycled and gems are ethically sourced. Metal and gems are an incredible pair, as you can see in her work.

Indie Jewelry Designers | Michelle Phan

Turquoise Head Chain / Photo by Hooton Images via By Francis Frank

4. By Francis Frank – In this Etsy shop you’ll find affordable bohemian jewelry and headpieces with a unique bold flair. With feathers, raw gems, arrowheads and a whole lot of color, Francis takes her appreciation of her cultural background and the nautral world and blends them together in surprising ways. By the way, she’s having a Labor Day sale for 20% with code WKND2015.

Indie Jewelry Designers | Michelle Phan
Aida Earcuff

5. Haati Chai – This designer’s jewels don’t stop at necklaces and rings. Featuring body chains, nose rings, armlettes and more (some available at Free People) designer Stella Simona finds inspiration in East Indian culture and jewelry pieces that her grandmother would bring back from her trips for her as a child. You may have seen this designer adorning a favorite celeb or the pages of big fashion magazines, as their influence grows.

Now I have a question for you before the long weekend: What should my next 5 favorites post be about? Let me know in the comments!

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