Our universe is vast. Actually, that’s an understatement–it’s infinite. Our earth, the galaxies…it’s all beautifully mind-blowing when explored and appreciated, and it’s a great way to look above and gain some perspective on our place in it. We’re such a small grain of stardust.

To take in the true magnificence that is our universe, here’s 5 ways to appreciate it.

Our Universe

1. A Sunset Hike - Few things are more stunning than watching the sun kiss the horizon. The colors that fill the sky are magical. If you can hike up to one of the highest points of your city, let your heart rate rise, and then look down over the silence and hues engulfing the sky as the most magnificent star of all sets, you’re truly breathe in one of the most pure moments of your life.

Star Party

2. Throw a Star Party - Our sky has some amazing treats for us, like the blood moon from last week. Whether taking your sunset hike a little farther or planning for a major sky event, star parties are another way to appreciate the world above. Gather a few friends, pull together a picnic basket of snacks and venture to an area of your city that experiences very little light pollution. You’ll be amazed at how many stars dance overhead. You can watch meteor showers or simply take in a bewitching full moon.

Mout Wilson Observatory

3. Rent an Observatory - This one’s a bit harder to achieve, but if you want to explore the stars  up close, you need a telescope. You can visit an observatory for a brief glimpse at galaxies and the unknown, or you can invite 10 of you besties to an overnight gathering at an observatory. In Los Angeles, you can rent the Mt. Wilson observatory for a night of up close gazing. If being able to see craters on the moon, stars flicker and the brightness of some planets doesn’t make you appreciate the universe and how small we are, then nothing will.

Universe 247

4. Follow Universe 247 or USInterior - For reminders all throughout the day, you can use Instagram to learn about our solar system or even the land and water that makes up the US. Both are educational, and a quick look into the majestic world around us. It’s so simple, but when you need a mental break or an emotional cool down, it’s an easy way to appreciate something so much bigger than you.

Carl Sagan Quote

5. Remember this Carl Sagan Quote - If you want to understand the size and heaviness of the universe, all you need to do is read this Carl Sagan quote. It talks about our place in this world and proves that no matter how big our problems, triumphs, joys and sorrows seem, they’re just part of a much bigger system. His words will make your mind spin and lead you to those deep conversations I wish we all had regularly.

<3 Mish


photo: MtWilson.edu, Universe247The Certain Uncertainties.


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