I’ve made it a point to always let those who have helped me along the way know how important they are to me. If a coworker helped me with a project or a dear friend comforted me through a hard time, I let them know that their assistance was invaluable. Even a smile and good laugh deserves to be recognized. That’s why I enjoy a great thank you.

Telling someone thank you can brighten their day, but also let’s them know that you don’t take the relationship for granted. Think about how fun it is when a far-away friend sends a simple thinking of you or thank you card in the mail? It’s exciting! And it likely reenforces just why you’re friends. Thank you cards also leave a lasting impression – especially when sent to prospective employers, wedding attendees, or teachers who have made an impact on your life. For these reasons, this week’s 5 Favorites is focused on the beautiful ways to deliver a thank you.

5 Favorites: Ways to Say Thank YouWit & Whistle / Farewellpaperie / HartlandBrooklyn / Belle and Union

1. Clever Cards - A good ol’ fashion card is an excellent way to get your message across. But no need to go with something drab, show a little personality and get something that is representative of you and your friend’s style. I love the cards above (I couldn’t pick just one) for their cheeky sayings, geometric shapes and old school feel. Remember, even if a card does say Thank You on it, it’s always encouraged (and appreciated!) when you take the time to add your own personal message and then sign your name. It’s those personal messages that make me want to keep the card and memory forever.

5 Favorites: Ways to Say Thank YouPaperless Post

2. Digital Cards - If you’re all about going green but still want to let someone know you care, look into digital cards. This option is perfect for when you want a speedy delivery without sacrificing design and message. Paperless Post has tons of beautiful designs for any occasion and if you do want a physical version, you can get that too! Digital cards don’t need to be saved for party invites, but they should never be sent as a wedding gift thank you. If you don’t know whether to send a digital card or physical consider a few things: Are you sending last minute? Do you have the person’s mailing address? And will you be adding a personal heartfelt message inside? If you answered yes to the last two, then send a physical card. ;)

5 Favorites: Ways to Say Thank YouPink Lotus Flower / Cute Cat Face

3. Letter on Stationery - Handwritten letters are pure joy. I don’t know if it’s the smell of the paper, the effort that l imagine went into it or the fact that someone stepped away from their devices to scribble their thoughts that I like so much – but I adore them. Even if you’re planning to write a quick thank you, a handwritten note can tell a story that lives on for as long as that letter is kept. Lined notebook paper works just fine, but beautiful stationery can transform the message and make it that much more enjoyable. Zazzle carries thousands of stationery designs to get your message across.

5 Favorites: Ways to Say Thank YouThe House That Lars Built / The Handmade Home

4. Printables - Another great way to say thank you is by downloading a design and creating your own stationary, card or wall hanging (for a constant reminder to the person that you’re thankful). Downloadable designs give you the freedom to customize your method of delivery even further. Plus, they can be used for all kinds of products – such as To-Do List paper for staying organized. The great thing about these is you can find them for sale on the web or free from an array of amazing designers and bloggers. Search Pinterest and you’re guaranteed to find some gems. I like these above.

5. DIY - Last but not least, the total DIY Thank You. Thank yous aren’t exclusive to cards and letters. You can decorate a box, make a mug that expresses your gratitude, collage together the perfect thank you or make a video (one of my personal favorites). Videos don’t need to be long, but they should be from the heart (like my Billion Views video above). It can be silly, thoughtful – whatever you’re feeling! Use your imagination and send your message a unique way!

Always remember, if you’re writing a thank you to friends or family, be playful. If it’s a professional thank you letter then select a mature, more subdued piece that reflects that professionalism.

How do you let people know you’re thankful?

<3 Mish


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