Happy New Year beautifuls. Who has already written a full list of 2016 resolutions? Making resolutions each year can be helpful, leaving you with something to reflect on throughout the year. But we all know how easy it is to forget resolutions, or worse, make them, and then feel bad because we never get to them. Whether or not you decide to stay in the resolution-making game this year, here are some you’re better off avoiding altogether.

5 New Years Resolutions to Skip This Year

1. Get My Body Ready for Summer – This resolution makes its rounds every year no matter what the latest fads are. However, this is a resolution that is based completely off appearance – how your body will look in a swimsuit – and not two things that are way more important: health and body image. If you are concerned about how you’ll look in 6 months – feeling confident on the beach IS important – instead try to increase your self-confidence throughout the year.

2. Change My Style – It’s easy to want a clean slate when the clock strikes midnight on another year, but once again, this is probably actually about a deeper issue. Maybe it’s not a big, sweeping change that’s necessary, but finally coming into your own and not being afraid to wear what you want and what really reflects you. Try finding and embracing your own personal style instead.

3. Fall in Love – It goes without saying that this is slightly beyond our control, but it’s still a nice thing to have on a resolution list, right? Well if you’re serious about sticking to your resolutions and you end up single for another year, you’re setting yourself up for major disappointment. With things that are beyond your control, a better resolution would be opening yourself up to opportunity. Why not put yourself out there more this year, like letting that friend set you up or finally talking to that cute guy in class – rather than put the weight of the world in one resolution? Even if you don’t find love per se, you’ll walk away with valuable experiences regardless.

4. Finally get healthy – Vague goals like this and overly ambitious goals like “go to the gym everyday” will both get overwhelming fast. These are the kind of rules you break halfway through January because they just seem too hard. Still, health is on your list for a reason – it’s important – so having it in some form is beneficial. Instead, pick specific health-related changes that you can work on gradually throughout the year, like cutting down on sugar or drinking enough water. Start where you are, and build these positive actions up until they become second nature.

5. Get More Followers – Unless you’re a business trying to drum up sales, it’s important to remember that the quality of you’re life is NOT based on how many followers you have on any social channel. Social media is an incredible tool for connecting and making friends, but it does not make or break you. If you have a personal goal like this on your list, it can lead to seeing the world through social media’s filters – the ones that airbrush faces and edit imperfections. If a new connection is what you’re after, resolving to try to make new friends this year may be just what you need. 

Now that we’ve gone through what not to do, tell me, what IS on your resolution list?

<3 Mish

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