5 Summer Bucket List Musts

A couple more weeks and summer will be in full swing! That means months of fantastic weather (hello, floral outfits), time to summer-ize your makeup routine, and a perfect excuse to try new things. I’m constantly pushing myself to explore new skills and try activities I don’t always get to indulge in due to work. They say the only way to succeed is to push yourself beyond your comfort zone, so why not do this in the funnest way possible? Every season put together a bucket list of five things you would love to do over the next few months. Then, plan accordingly and give them a try! Here’s a few ideas I have for the summer that you can try too.

Try new lipstick color for summer

1. Try a new lip color - I tend to be pretty explorative with lip color, but during summer months loads of the bright and bold hues are released that look beautiful against slightly sun-kissed skin. And since lipstick doesn’t clogging your pores or hinder you at the beach, it’s perfect to wear during summer months when you’re attending outdoor events that call for daytime beauty. What better feature to accentuate than your lips when you’re laughing with friends at weddings and backyard barbecues?! Two shades to try that will make your pout pop–a playful pink like em cosmetics Don’t Tell Mom lipstick or a vibrant orange like MAC Lipstick in Morange.

Summer Travel

2. Explore a new place – Summer is the perfect time to travel, because you’re likely out of school or visiting with family, and the weather makes everyone a little stir crazy for some fun. This summer plan a trip, either near or far, that’s a place you’ve never visited. This is the ideal opportunity to also participate in a digital detox. Sure I fly a lot, but being spontaneous with a last minute road trip up the coast of California sounds divine. No matter where you live, take a minute to step away and visit the forest, fields, lakes or islands in your area. You won’t regret it.

Find the perfect pair of wedges

3. Find the Ultimate Summer Wedge – We all know I love heels, but a stiletto isn’t always appropriate during the summer months. A wedge on the other hand, always appropriate and a feminine and more conservative way to reach for the heavens and pair with your favorite midi skirt. Try to find something with a pop of color or pattern. You can try mixing prints from shorts and skirts down to your shoes. A bold shoe can really go with anything, so nows the time to find one that’s just right.

Throw a summer party

4. Throw a summer soiree – Playing hostess with the mostess sounds stressful, but planning a gathering in your backyard or a local park is a wonderful way to show off your party planning skills. No need to be extravagant, unless you want it to; all you really need to do is come up with a theme, put together a few accent pieces and food ideas and viola! A backyard gathering with candles trickled throughout and a festive bohemian theme like the one above will transport everyone to another world.

Master a gorgeous dessert

5. Master a gorgeous dessert - It’s nice to have a signature dish, but what about a signature dessert?! If you’re not the Betty Cocker of cake making already, find a dessert you love and try to make the most beautiful creation you’ve ever put together. You’ll impress yourself, your friends, and the only bad part about mastering the art of gorgeous dessert creation…well, it may pain you to bite into your masterpiece. As a fan of green tea, I might have to give this stunning ombre cake a try!

What do you have planned for your summer? 

<3 Mish



Photos: Fashionbloggers.pe, WeheartIt, Dress W+E, Duabu.

  • Diane152

    Best 5 ways to create 5 good summer memories to hold on to and talk about when you get back to school, especially because summer does get a little boring sometimes, even though initially everyone looks so forward to itt!! For the giveaway, I think the best accessory would be something that would bring you up, and give you faith that even though school and stress may get hard and difficult to cope with, things eventually get better and brighter, so this may not be an accessory, but having a song that brings you up when your tired and down, would be the ultimate savior! Personally I’de recommend a song by the band Outasight, called “I’ll drink to that”. The lyrics are powerful and it will bring you the best back to school attitude! Whats more it will allow you to keep it during the whole school year because it wont get old and dirty ANDD it will help you stay determined and motivated for the next 9 months to come!Inject a little happiness into your day through a little happy song:)

  • BitterSweetSilence

    Uhm I wanted to enter your giveaway but unfortunately I couldn’t due to the fact that I couldn’t find the comment section, I hope you count this in though. I’m going to start off by saying, I really don’t win things. People might say this just to make you feel sorry for them but its the truth really. I’m just going to hurry because I don’t want this to be really long so my favorite necessity would probably be the notebooks or the bag since they play a major part in school. I hope I win, if not then its okay but good luck everyone!

  • Sophia7913

    Hey mish!
    I have for a long time wanted to enter one of your giveaways; because they are fricking amazing! But i havnet been able to, as i dont have a youtube profile and i just watch your videos as a guest! But anyways my favourite summer essential is a new book! New start, new everything! So it is Nice to have somewhere to “travel” to!
    Hope you count this in!

  • talittt

    hihi mish! i wanted to enter your giveaway but i couldn’t comment on your original, so i might as well leave a comment here and hopefully you would count it in ;p
    in the place where i live we don’t even have to spend time at all to choose outfits, or get ready for school, cus we have to wear uniforms to school haha XP so tbh i don’t exactly have a favourite back to school accessary:p
    i love travelling a lot too and so the one thing i would say we should all bring back to school will be a whole new refreshed self after enjoying weeks or months in a newly explored country/place hehe (i hope that made sense). nothing can be more attractive than a refreshed, whole new personality right?
    i think we should all enjoy our time in school with friends. travelling sure broaden our horizons, it’s also a great topic and experience we can share with friends. so i think there’s nothing better than sharing new opinions, new perspectives and new ideas with a refreshed attitude among your closet friends back to school :D
    i hope it all made sense haha :P even though this doesn’t count as an entry to your giveaway, it doesn’t matter cause i think the main point of this giveaway is to let us really think about what’s important and what matters most when it comes to ‘back to school’. so, thanks you for giving me the opportunity mish!:) have a nice day and good luck to you too!

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