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With a busy schedule that has me on the go during the day and in front of the computer editing videos all night, it can be easy to put beauty sleep on the back burner. After all, how can a girl go to school, work, spend time with friends and family, exercise, eat, and sleep …all in 24 hours?? No matter how hard it may be, I’ve learned that getting a good night’s sleep is not only critical for your health, it’s also essential to looking your best.

According to YouBeauty, our bodies heal during sleep as our skin recovers and rehydrates from the day before. Getting the right amount of sleep for you – about 7 or 8 hours – is important, but how you do it matters just as much. Below are my 5 tips for getting the most out of every night’s rest so you can look and feel refreshed (and beautiful!) every morning…

1.) Stay on schedule: Those who stick to a routine sleep schedule often wake feeling better rested than those who don’t. By training your body to fall asleep and wake at a certain time (with an adequate rest period in between), you will train your body to feel tired at bed time; this will save you time falling asleep at night and avoid exhaustion in the morning. Quick tip: Being active during the day contributes to quality rest at night. A good diet and exercise will help you sleep on schedule – just make sure it’s not too close to bed time.

2.) Prepare for rejuvenation: Your nightly hygiene ritual is more important than you might think. Make sure to fully remove your makeup and brush your teeth to keep bacteria at bay. If you’re limited on time in the a.m., choose a few overnight beauty treatments from this list to wake up looking your best. Pampering yourself a bit before bed will relax you for a rejuvenating night of sleep!

3.) Create a sleep haven:  Speaking of relaxation… Think about how your environment can help you wind down: a tidy bedroom, comfortable pillows, adequate space, and even the right scent, can all factor in to a good night’s rest. Make your room a place you want to spend 8 hours a night in—not just a place to drop your laundry and lay your head down!

4.) Unplug – all of it: Instead of watching TV or browsing Pinterest for an hour before bed, opt for lying with a good book. Why? Prolonged exposure to your electronics – TV, computer, and phone – stimulates your senses and can disrupt sleep. Make time to relax so that when you do turn off the lights you’re not left with an information overload from the day’s events. Dim the lights and ditch the phone for the night before you plan to actually sleep – this will get you ready to rest up.

5.) Cool off: According to this article, our body temperatures need to cool off before we can sleep soundly. Taking a hot shower before bed may seem relaxing, but a cooler one may actually do the trick! Additionally, a hot bedroom usually signals a restless night ahead, so if you can use a fan or air conditioner to make your space more comfortable during the hotter months, it’s worth it.

I hope these tips help you rack up those hours of beauty rest a lot more easily!


What do you do to get a good night’s sleep? Let me know in the comments!

<3 Mish

Sources:  american psychological association, mayo clinic, everyday health, youbeauty, cnn

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