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Do you find yourself skipping makeup and hair in the morning just so you can grab 15 or 20 precious extra minutes of shut-eye? Or worse, are you losing sleep to an overlong makeup routine? Don’t do it! There’s no need to suffer for beauty in the mornings, and we’ve got a few beauty tricks up our sleeves that can speed up anyone’s maquillage. See five of our easiest ways to make mornings less painful below.

1. Tint and/or perm your lashes – You could also get lash extensions, but they’re pricey. Getting your lashes dyed and permanently curled makes mascara unnecessary for lots of people, it lasts for about six weeks, and a tint or perm should only cost you about $30.

2. Braid the night before – Braided hairstyles can last most people at least a couple of days, so spend a little time one evening braiding your hair, then protect it overnight by pinning it up or covering it with a scarf or cap. Then, in the morning all you have to do is smooth down flyaways.

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3. Skip the foundation – All-over foundation looks great on the red carpet, but for everyday life it’s much faster to substitute a light powder and then just use a concealer to cover spots.

4. Use a tinted moisturizer with SPF – Another foundation-free option that multitasks beautifully is tinted moisturizer with SPF. It evens skin tone, covers up little imperfections, hydrates, and protects your skin in one swipe.

5. Use a stain on your cheeks and lips – Stains are sheer, so blending them is much faster and easier than powder or lipsticks, and you don’t have to worry about coordinating makeup colors if you use a double-duty product.

What trick would you add to this list?

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