As popular as Instagram is these days, most users still use it as a personal photo diary for anything from selfies to sunsets – throw on a vintage filter and there you have it. That may be all you want from the app, but in reality the possibilities for sharing your images and expressing creativity are endless. There are a ton of ways to achieve a one of a kind feed that stops users in their tracks and many cool apps to help you dominate social media in general, but one thing is clear: with Instagram, it’s all about aesthetic. Here are my favorite ideas to transform your grid into a gallery worthy of a museum:

Ways to Transform Your Instagram

1. Experiment with color – From entirely pink feeds to rainbows in every photo, there are plenty of users who take to Instagram to send a bright, electrifying message. Sure, real life for most of us isn’t as rosy as it looks on @ihavethisthingwithpink, but it’s more of a gallery for other users to see and be inspired by. When going for a colorful feed, stick with the theme. Some of the best vibrant accounts make their grid look color-blocked by posting contrasting colors or shades next to each other, and making use of minimal backgrounds. Click over to users @hellosaratramp + @creativekipi for examples.

2. Disrupt the grid – A lot of users have ditched the manual cropping since Instagram now does it for you, and like the clean look of the square thumbnails that create the grid. However, you can go against the grain by cropping photos before uploading them to create interesting borders and a more visual scroll. See this in action by scrolling through @cerealmag’s cropped photos.

3. Color by row – There’s a lot you can do to switch up your feed every three photos, and create a new theme row by row. For example, you could switch off by alternating black and white photos with colored images or change colors every row. You could also use a different filter after every 3, 6 or 9 photos – there are so many ways to work with rows in your grid. You may have seen this on my Instagram, where I change the tones of images by rows as well as post three times per theme – like my last three posts being of my Halloween look. If only I had more time to update!

4. Play with shadow – If you’re a blogger you’ve definitely noticed that so many users love to post all things light and bright. Well, if that’s not your style, don’t feel like you have to do that. You can make your feed just as intriguing no matter your style. User @meghan_faulk has a dark vibe to her lifestyle pics because she makes great use of shadows. Each photo has such an enchanting, magical feel and makes the slivers of light stand out in contrast.

5. Use negative space – Just like shadows can illuminate the lightness, negative space can make your subject POP. When this is done correctly, a gorgeous minimal and modern feed is born. To get this look with your own photos, think of angles and distances when you go to snap an Instagram. Maybe stand farther back or give your subject more headspace – break the rules and have fun with composition. For inspiration, check out @hamhennes’ minimal look, @elsakawai’s use of contrast and how @anniset always makes the subject, normally people, in her photos pop by using negative space.

Are you a big ‘grammer? 

<3 Mish


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