Creativity can strike at any moment. When those moments hit it’s awesome to have the tools (or in this case apps) to help you turn that urge into artwork. But being inspired by art isn’t exclusive to those who can paint and draw. You can be an admirer of historic pieces or a collector of new and not have any desire to pick up a brush. Either way, if you love art and you love bringing your own visions to life, these 6 apps are for you.

6 Apps Art Enthusiasts Will Love

Street Art NYCIf street art is more your style and you’re traveling to New York then you’ve got to get Street Art NYC. The app highlights over 500 spots in the city to see unique street art which means you can enjoy massive murals and have a few really cool photo opps while exploring the city. They also have a sister app for London.

Paper by FiftyThree - This iPad app brings the paper and supplies to you. Designed to look like a few Moleskins that you can fill with drawings, paintings and more, the app provides artists or those who like to just doodle with a few brushes and styles to create your masterpiece.

Visualator - This app is a little abstract in a really cool way. No artistic skills needed, Visualator gives you two options (triangulate and gradulate) to create colorful collages with the tip of your finger. One technique bounces colored lines around you screen to form a piece of art, while the other attaches different size and color triangles together for a sharper finished work. Use it as a distraction or to exercise your creative muscles.

VangoIf you’re looking to decorate your home or have hopes of being an art collector, download Vango now. The app features artwork from new and established artists in any style you can think of. Since buying art can be a little scary–you don’t know how the piece will look in your apartment–Vango takes out the guess work. You can snap a pic of your place and drop the piece you want into the image to see how it will look in your humble abode.

Tayasui Sketches – Similar to Paper, Tayasui Sketches offers different brushes and pens for use to create artwork or even to create mockups for you workaholics out there. There are a few more tool offerings that you can purchase within the app. The kicker of this gem is that it is available for your phone. Such an easy and quick way to create art on the go.

Artsy – Artsy is for everyone. The app allows you to explore catalogues of artwork from every era imaginable. You can learn about upcoming gallery shows in your area, bid on art and browse museums. Seriously, if you have any interest in art, this one is a must. It can help you solidify activities when traveling as well by giving you a glimpse into the art culture in the area you’ll be visiting.

Do you have any art apps you love?

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