If you know me, you know I am always trying out new apps. I love the fact that there is an app for anything these days… For work and play, for organizing and even for relaxing. There are a lot of things I try when I need a second to de-stress, from meditation to music. We like to think of tech as the enemy when it comes to relaxation – we spend so much time plugged in that it hardly seems like apps are the answer – but these 6 downloads feature some of the best (and most classic) ways to unwind after a long day, and they make it convenient too.

6 Best Apps for Relaxation

Headspace. One of the most popular meditation apps, Headspace was created for those who struggle to take time for themselves each day. The Take10 program is essentially 10 daily guided meditations for beginners to train themselves to become more mindful for 10 minutes each day. After the 10 meditations, you can purchase a subscription to unlock various mindfulness practices and even use them online. 

Stop, Breathe & Think. This is a meditation app that helps increase mindfulness – so it naturally helps you destress. Its claim to fame is that it can help anyone find calm, from school-aged kids to busy adults. With meditations to start and end your day and a way to check in daily and track your progress, you can become more in tune with your emotions and start to think more positively and with compassion.

I Can Be Free. By focusing on core emotions and feelings, I Can Be Free allows you to transform your thinking with a self-induced hypnosis sesh. Sounds a bit freaky, but audio treatments like this have been thought to help with things like addiction or phobias for years, and this makes it easier to get help. Packed with sessions like “I Can Be Confident” and “I Can Be A Sound Sleeper”, and a lot of in-app purchase options, this one is highly regarded as a way to relax and kick fear and anxiety to the curb.

Relax Melodies. Who doesn’t like to relax to soothing sounds every now and then? If you have trouble unwinding and falling asleep at night, this one is for you. There are 50 different sounds to choose from, brainwave beats, the option to create unique mixes, tips and tricks AND a community to connect with on this app. You can simply set aside a few minutes to meditate to the sounds or use it nightly as a sleep aid.

Deep Calm. Deep Calm is another audio-based app perfect for pairing with your meditation or yoga practice, or to assist with sleep. It focuses on nature sounds like animals, rain or waterfalls. Like Relax Melodies, you can also mix up the perfect melody for you. Relaxation benefits include stress relief, boost your mood and managing anger and depression. Worth a try, right? (Available for iOS.)

Pacifica Tools for Stress & Anxiety. Pacifica helps manage stress and anxiety by taking it to the source. Log your daily mood, track health and habits that may be leading to such moods and use muscle relaxation and breathing techniques in the app. Best of all, you can rate your moods to determine if the things you are doing are improving your stress levels over time.

PS: All of these apps (except 5) are available both on iOS and Android.

Have you tried using an app to unwind? Which one?

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