Coconut Oil isn’t the only kitchen staple that can work wonders when incorporated into your beauty routine. Vinegar is another hidden gem that beautifies your skin, hair and body. Since vinegar is loaded with antioxidants, it fights against free radicals that accelerate the aging process. It also soothes and disinfects thanks to its antibacterial properties. There are many types you can use, but apple cider vinegar is usually a head-to-toe beauty cure-all. Below, are 7 beauty uses for vinegar you need to try now:

7 Beauty Uses of Vinegar

  1. Face Wash – Mix one part apple cider vinegar with three parts water for a simple, but nourishing face wash. The vinegar wash will help restore your skin’s ph level and normalize your sebum production. This means less breakouts, oily skin and reduces the chance of infections. After washing, don’t forget to moisturize with one of these oils.
  2. Conditioning Hair - If you go the no-poo route or want to restore your hair’s ph level (making it less oily), then vinegar is an excellent conditioner. Simply try this DIY clarifying rinse and finish your routine as you would. It doesn’t smell as much as you would expect and your locks will be shiny and strong in no time!
  3. A Whiter Smile – You can use vinegar mixed in water as a quick mouth rinse to kill bacteria, or you can brush your teeth with baking soda and vinegar. Combined, these ingredients will not only whiten your smile, but also combat tartar buildup – improving your overall oral hygiene.
  4. Deodorant - No need to combine household products or use an aluminum-based deodorant. Instead, dab a small amount of apple cider vinegar under your arms and go. You’ll notice the smell is strong at first but it will vanish once it soaks into your skin.
  5. Rid Razor Burn – One of the worst parts about shaving, especially if your razor isn’t brand new, is the risk of razor burn. Dabbing vinegar over the affected area will calm inflammation and prevent infections. If you have sensitive skin, dilute apple cider vinegar in water first to avoid a slight burning sensation. Here are a few other remedies to try.
  6. Hand Scrub - Keep your hands as youthful looking as your face by exfoliating them with a cornmeal and vinegar scrub. This will slough off dead skin, leaving you with smooth, soft hands. You can also mix sugar with vinegar if you’re looking for a sweeter scrub. ;)
  7. Clean Nail Beds – Before you polish your nails run a cotton pad soaked in white vinegar over each. This will remove any residue or moisture and help your manicure last longer. Don’t forget to wait to wash your hands until after your top coat has dried!

Have you used vinegar in your beauty routine? Let me know how below?  

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