Don’t get me wrong, I love my morning cup of coffee (I operate in zombie mode before), but there is something about a warm mug of tea that not only heats up my heart, but also soothes my soul. While the feeling really comes from drinking in the flavors of rich green teas, chamomile and chrysanthemum, serving the beverage in unique drink ware (like these mugs from Silver Lining Ceramics) and infusers. Just in time for cool weather days, here’s some stunningly fun and sleek ways to prep and enjoy your tea.

Tea accessories

1. Bodum Double Wall Tumblers – If mugs aren’t your style, but going handle free means your more apt to burn your hand while holding your tea, then these tumblers are for you! The double wall glass means the outside always stays touch-friendly.

2. Snail Shaped Silicon Tea Bag Holder – Wrap your tea bags end around the snails neck for easy retrieval once your tea is done. Bonus feature: You can use different color snails to differentiate your tea cup from other guests.

3. Samadoyo Teapot with Glass Infuser and Tea Warmer - Steep your tea and keep it warm until you finish the entire pot.

4. IngenuiTea Bottom Dispensing Teapot – This one might not be pretty, but it’s amazing. No need to pour or strain your tea. Place the pot on top of your mug and push down. The tea dispenses into your cup, leaving your cup free of tea leaves.

5. Cat Paw Tea Infuser – Stir in your own loose leaf tea while channeling your inner kitty with this adorable paw.

6. Because Cats Mug – This mug needs no explanation. It’s just an on point way to sip at your echinacea.

7. Tippy Teacup – One side holds your loose leaf tea, the other your hot water. Tip the cup to one side to steep your tea to its desired strength, then rock it to the other to enjoy without changing the intensity.

8. Satin Macaron Tin – If you want your loose leaf to last, you need to store it properly. This tin macaron is a sweet switch from traditional cylinder tins.

Which is your favorite? 

<3 Mish


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