The Right Foundation for Your Skin Tone, Finally

I’ve received a lot of requests for more beauty basics lately, and it’s not hard to see why. We’d all like to be pros at anything we try of course, but when it comes to mastering any skill, it pays to have a good foundation (no pun intended, I swear). Today’s topic is all about […]

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🌙 Pillow Talk 6 / Ego, Social Anxiety + Betrayal

Welcome to another Pillow Talk! Thank you for all your questions on egos and how to deal with social anxiety and betrayal. I hope my words help you in your life - I try to be as honest as possible in my answers and share my life experience with you. ❤ Mish For more go to ✌ Please Subscribe! 🐤 My Twitter: 😊 My Facebook: 📷 My Instagram: 👻 My Snapchat: hellodreamer 🌎 ICON Network: This video is not sponsored, duh. 😂
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The Deep Cleaning Shampoo That Does More Than Clarify

Repairing, clarifying, toning – the list of buzzwords on our shampoo bottles know no bounds. And while I’ve talked about how to do damage control on your hair before, there are always more methods to try. Clarifying shampoos in particular, help strip away regular buildup when you replace your go-to shampoo with it every week […]

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