• Pretty In Pastel: Spring-Inspired Beauty Looks

    April 16, 2014 at 4:00 am // by

    Hi Everyone,  Spring is a time for fresh starts. It’s a time when flowers are in bloom, the sun is showing itself more regularly, and we’re planning tons of outdoor adventures. It’s also the time to find ways to reinvent your makeup – I can’t help but want to wear hues that are reflective of the season and a bright, cheerful mood. While wearing a bold lip or rocking a cat eye in the evenings is still enjoyable, there is […]

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  • Polish Up: The Answers to Your Nail Polish Mishaps

    April 14, 2014 at 4:00 am // by

    Hi Everyone,  Just like putting your best face forward can heighten your mood, having a stunning manicure works the same way. When you accomplish the perfect polish it can brighten your day and exude poise no matter what you’re wearing. When something jeopardizes your manicure, or worse, nail polish ends up where it shouldn’t be, it can put a damper on any situation. Make sure that doesn’t happen with these quick remedies to fix your nail polish mishaps.    Polish […]

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  • The Meaning of Birthdays

    April 11, 2014 at 4:00 am // by

    Hi Everyone, Phew, another year just flew by! It’s amazing how quick time passes. I can’t believe today is my birthday. I know aging seems to be taboo for many women, but I actually enjoy it. With age comes experience, and it’s exciting to look back over the years and reflect on the adventures, risks and lessons I’ve learned that have gotten me where I am today. While I don’t tend to have wild birthdays, I do like to explore […]

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  • 7 Facts About Makeup That Will Shock You

    April 9, 2014 at 4:00 am // by

    Hi Everyone,   Makeup has existed for thousands of years; well, a form of makeup that is. In ancient times tar, lead and an array of other elements we wouldn’t dare put on our skin today, beautified women all over the world. Now we’re much more conscious about what we put on our skin, but as ingredients have changed and trends evolved throughout history, one thing has stayed consistent – women love how wearing makeup allows them to feel gorgeous, powerful, […]

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  • New Video: Egyptian Queen

    April 6, 2014 at 9:07 pm // by

    Hi Everyone,  Cleopatra ruled Egypt for 21 years, and ever sinc, she’s left her mark on history. She was known as a charismatic woman who achieved greatness through discipline and determination. In many ways she’s inspired generations, and not just for her power and ingenuity. She has been portrayed in film and literature as a woman of beauty – a lover of extravagant style. She frequently wore blues and greens, as each carried great meaning in Egypt; Blue was the […]

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  • 5 Oils That Deserve a Place In Your Beauty Routine

    April 4, 2014 at 2:00 am // by

    Hi Everyone,  Coconut oil is all the rage right now. From treatment oils for your hair and skin to the good old fashioned oil found on your kitchen shelves, it’s safe to say that coconut oil is front and center in the beauty world. There are many uses for coconut oil and its benefits run rampant, but with the latest surge of oil pulling coverage, I’m afraid some of the other oils that can work wonders on your body are […]

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  • Ultimate Prom Giveaway

    March 31, 2014 at 4:00 am // by

    Hi Everyone,  Prom night. It’s one of the most exciting nights in high school. It’s the night you get to dress up like you’re walking the red carpet and dance the night away with friends, or your beau. Usually you attend prom during your final years of high school, which can make the occasion bitter sweet – it means the end of an era and the hope for thrilling months (and years) to come. But in anticipation for all of […]

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  • The Look: Denim Desires

    The Look: Denim Desires

    No matter how much I love wearing comfy legging or a nice pair of slacks, denim will always have a place in my heart. From casual days to cozy nights, it’s one of the most versatile fabrics in your wardrobe. Denim can be dressed up with a pair of sky-high heels or accented with statement jewelry. It can make us ladies feel feminine even when worn in a casual, minimalistic manner. And it lasts forever – a denim jacket never goes […]

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  • 5 Tips Every Successful Woman Should Know

    5 Tips Every Successful Woman Should Know

    Hi Everyone,  Abraham Lincoln once said, “Always bear in mind that your own resolution to succeed is more important than any other.” And he was right. Over the years I’ve had highs and lows, but I’ve always maintained my will to succeed and believed in myself. I’ve made it a point to always make sure I’m providing my fans with the best beauty advice and tutorials possible. And I’ve used my choice to make success a must in my life […]

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  • Best Foundations For the Girl Who Hates Applying It

    Best Foundations For the Girl Who Hates Applying It

    Almost every flawless face starts with applying an even base. That means concealing where needed and then smoothing everything out with foundation. However, for the girl who focuses on wild eyes and bold lips instead of spending the time to blend and brush her foundation to perfection, there are a few products that will make foundation application bearable, quick and maybe even a little enjoyable.  The Cream - A cream foundation is ideal for the ultimate lazy girl. It can be […]

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  • Trend Alert: Mastering Matte

    Trend Alert: Mastering Matte

    Matte finish is all the rage right now. From matte makeup to brushed metal accessories, there is always an occasion to complement your look with a velvety, shine-free finish. When it comes to beauty, a mattified face can express dimension and strength. When it comes to accent pieces, sometimes downplaying your accessories makes them that much more powerful to your overall appearance. It’s after a season of sparkle overload (so much glitter graced our lives during Winter celebrations) that wearing […]

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  • em Scribble Liquid Liner Giveaway

    em Scribble Liquid Liner Giveaway

    Hi Everyone,  If you’re looking to create a strong graphic eye, then you’ll most likely want to turn to a liquid eyeliner that provides you with long-lasting wear and a matte, hardline finish. A liquid liner can be micro-fine across your lid or be swept up into an almost calligraphy-like cat eye. Inspired by Asian ink brush paintings em Cosmetics introduces its Scribble Liquid Liner, which is perfect for creating a romantic look with a dramatic edge and in my […]

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  • Full, Bold Brows in 4 Steps

    Full, Bold Brows in 4 Steps

    Hi Everyone,  We haven’t all been blessed with naturally bold eyebrows, but the beauty of makeup is that we can fake our way to thick, lust-worthy brows with a few steps and a blend of products. Manicured eyebrows really define the face and can be the focal point of your look or played down when not wanting to distract from a bold lip or striking cheek. While trends will always change, there will continue to be a need for mastering how to […]

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  • 4 DIY Beauty Uses for Grapefruit

    4 DIY Beauty Uses for Grapefruit

    Hi Everyone,  There is no argument that consuming your daily requirement of greens can benefit your body, but fruits and vegetables have a place in your life far beyond eating. Plenty of fruits and veggies can be incorporated into your beauty routine to whiten your teeth, remove puffiness from your eyes and accomplish a list of other naturally beautifying tasks. One fruit in particular, that offers more solutions than you’ll know what to do with, is the grapefruit. And it […]

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  • New Video: A Bad Girl Beauty Look

    New Video: A Bad Girl Beauty Look

    Hey Everyone,  Sometimes a girl just wants to be bad. She wants to look tough and demand respect while still being kind and caring with those in your life. Like Rihanna, who can wear just about any style there is, your bad girl should shine bright like a diamond when you’re feeling fearless and want to rock a rich hued lip. My latest video tutorial channels that inner bad girl with a strong cat eye, heavy contouring and a deep […]

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  • Flawless Eyeliner: The Two-Part Perfecting Trick

    Flawless Eyeliner: The Two-Part Perfecting Trick

    Hi Everyone,  One of the hardest parts to master when you first begin wearing makeup is eyeliner. In your teens, you can smear a pencil liner on too dark and not close enough to your waterline; or you can encase your entire eye in what turns out to be unflattering raccoon eyes. It’s not until we get older, with much more practice, that we discover what look complements our face best and what formula of eyeliner becomes our go-to. There […]

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  • Trend Alert: Midi Skirts to Hail in Spring

    Trend Alert: Midi Skirts to Hail in Spring

    Spring hasn’t sprung quite yet, but I’m ready for winter to wash away and sunny days with warm weather to engulf the country. It seems a bit weird thinking that part of the time I’m wearing my spring favorites in Los Angeles and the rest of the time I’m bundled up in puffy coats in New York. But, no matter the coast, I find a midi skirt to always be appropriate – they can be worn with a casual top […]

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