10 Inspirational Quotes That Will Change Your Life

This past week brought a great deal of turmoil and devastation to the world. It’s been hard not to be sucked in by the news every second. But with this unrest has been something powerful–empathy has risen and our world has united. Though times like these can seem hopeless, we should never lose hope. We […]

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We are living in dark times. Be the light that this world needs. The quiz I was recommending about love languages. ☾ My blog ♫ My chill playlist Lipstick I'm wearing ◐ Please Subscribe! ◑ My Twitter: ◒ My Facebook: ◓ My Instagram: ◉ ​ICON Channel: This is not a sponsored video
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Why You Need to Drink More Matcha Tea

Since I’ve been in Japan there has been some matcha tea in my life. There is great tradition with the drink here (it’s an actual ceremony), and just like in the States, you can find all forms of matcha goodies. It’s as great to bake with as it is drink. Like all of the other […]

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