6 Apps for Creating Your Own Music

Music is such an incredible thing. It can reach deep into your soul, speaking to you and connecting each of us in a unique way. There are so many styles and paces and meanings behind music, it’s unbelievable. But what’s more unbelievable is the creation of music. Having the ear and mind to build such […]

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*:・゚✧ DIY Room Ideas For Unicorns

Majestic one :・゚✧ Need to elevate your vibe? 😂 Here are some cool ways to give your space, phone or room a makeover! If you decide to make any of these DIYs, please tag me on social media so I can see it and "like" it! p.s This isn't my real room. It was built for this shoot :) My videos serve as an aesthetic guide to inspire your creativity! ♪ Music by ♫ Dream Koala // "We Can't Be Friends" Download "We Can't Be Friends": For more go to ♥ Please Subscribe! ♥ My Twitter: ♥ My Facebook: ♥ My Instagram: ♥ My Snapchat: hellodreamer ♥ ICON Network: This is not a sponsored video, but I wish I was sponsored by stickers so that I can fulfill my childhood dreams. ಥ﹏ಥ
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The Look: Prismatic Fashion

On its own, the idea of a prism is fascinating in both geometry and appearance: the parallel lines and clean cuts, the refracting light, and the spectrum of color. When this gets translated to something not normally concerned with math or optics – beauty and fashion – it’s a new art. Science and art, you […]

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