Quick Tip: Uses for Dry Shampoo

Dry shampoo has been the answer to so many lazy and last minute days. What I did before the powder-and-go option was available still baffles me. Sure there was baby powder, but we all know the product has been controversial at times. Dry shampoo really has changed the hair game. It can give your locks a lift and help […]

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🌙 Pillow Talk 9: Acne Advice from a Dermatologist

MY WEBCOMIC HELIOS : FEMINA is out and free to read ♥ Try Curology for free! Instagram: Twitter: A big thank you to my dermatologist, Dr. David Lortscher of Curology, for being my guest on this special Pillow Talk (couch edition, hehe). We answer your questions on what causes pimples, how to prevent acne, and how to get rid of blemishes. To see my Pillow Talk with Ashley Vanpevenage, the creator of the #CureTheHate movement against cyberbullying and acne shaming, click here: My blog updated daily 👉 ✌ Please Subscribe! 🐤 My Twitter: 😊 My Facebook: 📷 My Instagram: 👻 My Snapchat: hellodreamer 🌎 ICON Network: This is not a sponsored video. David is the CEO of Curology and he just wanted to hook you all up! Please thank him :)
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5 Facial Mists with Ingredients to Back Up the Price Tag

Facial mists are having their moment right now, promising anything from a fresh face to long lasting makeup and even relief from the sun on hot festival days. But what’s really in these mystery products and how different are they really from just spritzing your skin with plain ol’ h2o? Today I’m breaking down 7 […]

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