• European Beauty: 5 Must-Try Products

    July 25, 2014 at 3:00 am // by

    All around the world beauty routines are different. They can be reflective of a culture, there can be an array of products to assist just about every skin need and unique ingredients can become so popular that product awareness travels far and wide. While there is no denying the breadth of unbelievably effective beauty products throughout America, it is exciting to find international products and brands that appear to have been made especially for you. Illustrations by Rachael Yap. Follow […]

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  • 4 Tricks For The Best Beach Waves

    July 23, 2014 at 3:45 am // by

    There’s something about summer hair that makes your overall look more free-spirited and naturally beautiful. Maybe it’s the flood of loose braids and wavy sun-kissed locks seen on every beach, at brunches and at last minute get togethers that exude an effortlessness we all want to achieve. While there are braids to cover dirty hair days and braids that simply give you a fresh look, it’s mostly those beach waves I embrace this time of year. They look fabulous on […]

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  • How to Empower Yourself

    July 21, 2014 at 3:30 am // by

    Have you seen my latest video, How to Build Self Confidence? In it I talk about how confidence comes from within—you don’t need anyone else to make you feel confidence; it’s all about your mindset. Today I want to share a similar topic, empowerment, that is so important for women to harness everyday. Empowerment is a product of confidence. When you feel confident in who you are, you have a sense that you can really do whatever you set out […]

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  • Quick Tip: The Better Blow Dry Trick

    July 18, 2014 at 3:30 am // by

    Sure, good hair is hard to master, but if there’s one thing hairstylists make look way easier than it is, it’s blow-drying. What woman hasn’t tried to recreate the voluminous, effortless, and totally manageable salon-fresh look her hairstylist whipped up right after a color or cut? Of course, it never turns out the same. When you want a fresh new look, it’s nice to go to a professional, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t pocket a few secrets for those (many) […]

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  • The Proper Way to Wash Your Face

    July 16, 2014 at 7:35 am // by

    Every night before you go to bed you wash your face. It’s the most necessary part of your skincare routine, but it’s also the step that some people take for granted. Since you’ve been doing it daily since you were little, it’s likely the process is second nature to you – similar to brushing your teeth. However, no matter how well you feel like you’re cleaning your skin, you might be doing it wrong. If you wash your face when […]

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  • Bobby Pin Breakdown: The Uses

    July 14, 2014 at 7:10 am // by

    The bobby pin might be one of the most interesting and simplistic hairstyling tools. It’s just one piece of metal that can work wonders on your hair. It’s also the one item that has made us start second guessing our original knowledge of how to use it.  First, there was the bobby pin trick that turned our whole world upside down. Now, I’m going to share what each type of pin is for. Because while you’ve probably used your fair […]

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Recent Posts

  • Earth to Echo – Out Now!

    Earth to Echo – Out Now!

    Summer is such a great time for movies. It’s during these months that blockbusters are in full swing and the theaters are loaded with films that can transport you to another world. I’m a fan of live action adventure movies for that reason – anything that lets your imagination run wild is a-okay in my book. That’s why the film, Earth to Echo, should be added to your watch list immediately. This movie looks so fun! It tells the tale […]

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  • Pre-order Make Up Now

    Pre-order Make Up Now

    This coming October is a very exciting month for me – It’s the release of my first book, Make Up: Your Life Guide to Beauty, Style and Success – Online and Off! I already gave you a sneak peek of the cover, but now I can share more details about what will be inside. I’ve been in love with makeup, and its ability to transform your entire look, ever since I was able to wear eyeliner. I never knew that this […]

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  • Summer Glow Beauty Look + Amazon giveaway!

    Summer Glow Beauty Look + Amazon giveaway!

    By July, you’ve already built summer skin habits and have a more glowing, sun-kissed complexion (sans unsightly tan lines!). Or you’ve become frustrated trying to find ways to look more tan without laying in the sun or spraying on color. Luckily, certain makeup colors can enhance your skin tone better than others, and summer is a great time to change up your routine. Whether you’re fair skinned or beyond bronzed, you can create the illusion of a stronger summer glow with a few […]

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  • 3 Eyelash Curler Tricks to Maximize Your Lashes

    3 Eyelash Curler Tricks to Maximize Your Lashes

    Our eyes are the windows to our soul so we always want them looking their best. That’s why your eyelashes are the one feature you should never neglect when doing your makeup. Whether you want an au natural barely-there finish or something a bit more enchanting like my Free Spirit Summer look, mascara and perfectly curled lashes will widen your eyes, leaving you with alluring perky peepers.  The type of mascara you use can impact your look drastically – it […]

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  • 3 Manicures for Your 4th of July Celebration

    3 Manicures for Your 4th of July Celebration

    With outfit ideas for your Independence Day activities settled, it’s on to the nails. Yes, you can show your love for the nation with stars and stripes and all things patriotic. Flags, anyone? But you can also cover your nails in designs that either use the colors of our country in more everyday wearable ways or are representative of the traditions that come along with celebrating this great country–backyard bbqs and fireworks! Here are three looks that you can try […]

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  • Hot Hostess: Last Minute Entertaining

    Hot Hostess: Last Minute Entertaining

    During the summer, days are filled with vacations, day trips, beach hangouts, and spontaneous get togethers that last into the wee hours of the night. With holidays and warm weather, there are sure to be planned soirees, but there are also many opportunities to throw together a last minute affair and spend a Saturday catching up with friends over a gorgeous tablescape in the afternoon breeze. If you’re not usually the party host, darling glassware, adorable straws and centerpieces may […]

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  • 4th of July Style Guide

    4th of July Style Guide

    It’s that time of year again! The fourth of July is next Friday, which means the party prep must begin. And of course, the first step in planning out an epic 4th is getting the look… No matter what holiday it is, it’s always exciting to get a little dressed up and show your spirit. And since 4th of July officially means summer is in full swing, it’s fitting to pull out every red, white, and blue piece you own […]

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  • Summer’s Must-Have Nail Polish Colors

    Summer’s Must-Have Nail Polish Colors

    When it comes to pulling off the ultimate polished look this summer, tanned skin and envied au naturel makeup aren’t the only things to be considered–what’s on our nails is the pinnacle of hot weather beauty. Every brand from Julep to Orly have released their latest collection of vibrant shimmers, neon dreams, and pastel pretties. With so many color options, how do you know which hues to wear this season? I’m a fan of wearing what you love, even if […]

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  • Beach Bum: How to Avoid an Uneven Tan

    Beach Bum: How to Avoid an Uneven Tan

    Picture this: for a day at the beach, you’ve lathered your skin with sunscreen everywhere. You get home later flushed, tanned, and content with a great day enjoying the sunshine. But upon closer look, one arm’s much darker, your neck and chest are burnt, your shoulders are streaky, and yet your legs don’t look like they’ve seen the sun at all. Why does it seem impossible to keep skin one tone all summer long? For starters, sunscreen doesn’t last all day—that […]

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  • The Do’s and Dont’s of Prepping for a Wax

    The Do’s and Dont’s of Prepping for a Wax

    Scheduled a beach day but totally forgot about one tiny issue? No worries, we’ve all been there. In the midst of checking off our summer bucket lists it’s easy to forget about one very important summer beauty routine: hair removal. And if you’re not one to stick to a strict schedule or are considering waxing for the first time, there are a few things you’ll want to know. These tips can be used as a basis for any type of […]

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