Are you bored with your morning makeup routine? Feel as though you could apply your makeup in your sleep? Well, if you don’t have a lot of time to experiment, but crave something new to wake-up your tired routine–try swapping out your regular eyeliner for a fun, fresh color.

Eyeliner is a great way to add a splash of color to your face, without a lot of effort. If you’re a creature of habit who loves black or brown eyeliner, but you want to play with a splash of color without overwhelming the eyes, try a dark purple or navy eyeliner!

For those of you looking to try something completely new, check out the colorful eyeliner options below–you can even combine colors to create new shades not available in stores–the possibilities are endless!

For a cushiony, creamy color that glides on smooth and dries for a long-lasting pop of color that won’t budge, try Make Up For Ever Aqua Eyes.


Bonus: There are 25 vibrant shades to choose from and these eyeliners can also be used as eyeshadow. Try Gold 9L for a fantastic, metallic yellow color.

Another great eyeliner brand to experiment with is Stila Kajul Eyeliners. They glide on super smooth and create precise, crisp lines. Try this eyeliner in topaz or amethyst!

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My last suggestion is to try the duet pencils by N.Y.C. , in  “You’ve Got the Power,” “Through the Storm,” or “A place in the Sun.”


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As you can see, trying something new can be as simple as adding a clean line of color to your daily routine. I encourage you to try this easy pick-me-up, next time you’re in a makeup rut.

Show me your favorite color liner by posting a photo below!

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