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Summer is the perfect time to experiment and have some fun with color! This goes for your everyday makeup (try my snow cone inspired look!), but even more so for special events like outdoor music festivals, pool parties and barbecues.

Today, I’m sharing some tips for turning your next summer gathering or special event into a fun face paint party!

What you’ll need: small paint brushes, a few choice paint colors, a finishing spray, some friends, and a little creativity. Now, let’s talk designs…

Take for example, this photo of Drew Barrymore at Bonnaroo:

I love the colors she used here and how it looks as if the colors were simply smeared across one side of her face.

Here are a few more cool examples of simple, colorful face paint designs:






You can even try incorporating the eyebrows into your designs, like this:


I recommend using a finishing spray on top of your face paint design to reduce smudging. Also, look into professional children’s face paint either online or at an arts & crafts store. This type of paint won’t crack or smudge as easily and it’s a formula you have to wet first before using, which means it will wash right off and it wont harm the skin. If you want your design to be more waterproof, use a fixative to lock the makeup on the face.

Do any of you like to paint your face for summer concerts or parties? Let me know if you’re going to try incorporating face painting into your next summer gathering in the comment section below.

photo source: isthisreallife

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