Hey Dreamers,

I’m so excited to share with you an amazing new initiative ─ It’s called ipsy Open Studios​, ​and I’m not exaggerating when I say this will completely transform your career.

ipsy Open Studios, or ipsyOS for short, is everything I wish I had at my fingertips 8 years ago when I took a leap of faith to pursue my passion for creating beauty videos. I would have traded anything for access to cool studio space with first ­rate production, lighting, and editing technologies; experienced mentors and a supportive community of fellow dreamers to encourage me when times were feeling tough; cutting­ edge tips for content creation, channel development, and audience building; and my wish list didn’t stop there … I know you know the struggle. ipsyOS gives you all those incredible resources ─ and more! ─ without any commitments, fees, or exclusivities. Seriously, no strings attached.

I’m constantly inspired by each of you … ipsyOS is my way of saying thank you and good luck as you strive to make your beautiful dreams a reality.

<3 Mish

Art, makeup, tech

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