Katy GilmoreAt first glance you might think the detailed geometric work of Los Angeles based artist Katy Ann Gilmore must have taken hours to make on a computer. However, in reality, most of Gilmore’s work (that probably still took hours to create) is actually hand drawn using only pens and markers! She has the impressive ability to draw mysterious three-dimensional shapes and topography that look like they are covered with intricate mesh netting. Gilmore also employs striking hues of color that really make her work pop off the canvas. Her pieces make your imagination run wild with what could be under the netting… something like a sweeping mountain range? Jagged iceberg? Or alien rock formation? No matter what could be beneath, there is no denying how stellar her work is. Check out Gilmore’s very cool drawings by visiting her website and watching this insane video of her technique.


Katy Ann Gilmore



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