Today’s post is going to be a bit of a quickie, but I had to share since I’ve been talking about sacred geometry, had previously profiled Katy Ann Gilmore (whose artwork is reminiscent of the styles in this video) and am all about innovation and unique ways to use video. Traditionally, my artist spotlights focus on one person, but this post starts with one and includes two other very talented individuals.

The artist Sarc:o recently released the track “You Are The One” off the album Manifesto and accompanied the track with a pretty dope, wireframe video. It’s kind of dreamy and cosmic and loaded with topographic, net-like masterpieces. The video concept was thought up by Luca Pozzi, while the visuals, by Marco Bagni of Lost Conversation (the man makes some incredible metaphysical pieces).

After getting lost in the rabbit hole of the internet, I found myself devouring their videos and original music one track and unknown world at a time. Here’s just a taste of the vast world they’re creating–you’ll be mesmerized in no time.

This one sucks you in as well…

Have you watched any videos like this? That you get completely lost in (and impressed by the creators? Let me know below!

<3 Mish

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