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Hi everyone,

On Tuesday, I uploaded Chriselle’s and my latest video to my YouTube channel. It’s about shoes, school, and style all getting along! Using shoes from Jellypop Shoes (affordable and school-friendly), we go over different tips and suggestions for how to wear your shoes with style this fall, keeping in mind how much walking goes on at school.

Here’s “Back to Shoes!” along with some of Jellypop Shoes’ pictures of Chriselle and me working both in front of and behind the camera at the shoot.


UZdQgJuFnVBCIZclWKo3yjYj.jpeg:Amazon:photoThe studio/office where we filmed




gqnxKvrYndFvlhkvzdsLIAE9.jpeg:Amazon:photoWith the Founder/Creative Director of Jellypop


j8ymhIR419f46ap9EphnsPfw.jpeg:Amazon:photoTaking a break!



What are some of your shoe style tips this fall? If you have a dress code or uniform, how do you work flair into your footwear? Tell me below!

<3 Mish

All photo credit: Jellypop Shoes

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  1. tnguyen says:

    Hi Michelle! I would love to see the video but it seems like you’ve set it private? Thanks!

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