Baggy Eyes are Hot


Hi everyone,

Traveling to Asia, I saw so many girls with puffy eyes. I remember one morning; I barely had any sleep so when I went onto a shoot for work, the girls commented on my puffy eyes. I felt so embarrassed, but then I realized that they were complimenting them!

Confused, I asked them what’s so alluring about puffy eyes? They told me it’s huge in Korea to have slight under eye puffiness that gives your eyes that sweet smiling look. Then they showed me some pictures on their phone and I kind of saw what they meant.

 You know how when you smile, your eyes get slightly puffy? Well imagine having that without smiling, it gives an illusion that you are smiling!

Here are some examples of this “baggy eyes are hot” phenomenon:


Here’s a photo of my real eye bags:


Not as cute as the girls above. Darn!!! Maybe I should sleep less. *chugs away coffee* haha. Jk.


Here I faked the illusion of puffy eyes by over emphasizing my inner corners and blending the eyeshade further out. This will give a sort of three dimensional feel because of the pigments reflective property, making my eyes bulge!

So how do you feel about your under-eye bags? Do any of you like the way they make your face look? Let me know in the comment section below.

<3 Mish

  • SugarPlumPrincess


  • xzuhax

    i think they are really cute! they give a very sweet and pure impression. however it must hurt when they get injected into their eyes > <! i have to fake it by like tensing my eyes!!

  • MaKeUpIsMyLiFe

    I have the puffy eyes. I don’t know why but I do and at first I was embarrassed by them but I found out about this a while back and decided to make the most of it ^.^

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