Bangin’ Braids!

VnSjT6SwQMmsPsBsEJ1yt3p7.jpeg:Amazon:photoHi everyone,

Are you good at braiding your own hair? I’m great with other people’s hair…but when it comes to braiding my own, I turn into a totally hot-mess! My fingers become more and more tangled with every twist and turn, and I end up getting so frustrated that I call it quits to nurse my finger and wrist cramps.

So today, rather than teaching you how to braid (which would be an epic #FAIL on my end), I’m sharing a few of my favorite summer braids and asking for your advice on how to create these looks.

That’s right! I want to see your braiding skills in action. So grab your camera or flip cam (and all the coordination you can muster!), and film yourself creating one of these fabulous braided looks:


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Which braid will you attempt to teach me? You can use step-by-step photos, create a video tutorial, or even post something helpful you found online that helped you learn how to braid your own hair. Next week, I’ll be sure to attempt the braid from my favorite submission and feature you and your helpful tutorial on my Homepage. Thanks!!!

<3 Mish

P.S. Bonus points for anyone who attempts the colorful braid at the top of the post!


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