Beauty Advice: Makeup Multitaskers

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It’s not always practical to tote around your entire makeup collection. Luckily, there are a few basic products that will work double duty for you! If you’re ever traveling, low on space in your makeup bag, or out of certain products, I suggest you turn to these three makeup multitaskers:

  1. Lipstick. A swipe of lipstick on your lips creates an instantly more polished look. And lipstick will also work to bring color to your cheeks. You can use lipstick as you would a cream blush and blend it in with your finger.
  2. Mascara. Grabbed the eyeliner brush but forgot the eyeliner? Mascara makes a great backup. Load up the eyeliner brush with mascara and apply as usual.
  3. Foundation. If you’re working with only a few beauty products, a full face of foundation may be a little much. Instead, just embrace the fresh-faced look and use foundation as concealer to cover any imperfections. Quick tip: foundation that has collected on the cap or sides of the bottle tends to be a bit thicker – use that for better coverage.


And if you reach for your eyelash curler only to turn up empty handed, remember that a spoon, the ultimate beauty multitasker, will curl your lashes just as well as the real thing.

What beauty products do you make work double duty for you? Share your favorite multitaskers in the comments section!

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Photo Source: Sierra Knows,, Beauty Blogging JunkieNordstrom, Skincare Studio, The Fancy


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