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Nighttime is when your body and its cells repair themselves. While you’re far away in dreamland, your body is busy beautifying; releasing reparative enzymes and building new hair and skin cells. In order to help your body reach its full prettying potential, try some of these overnight beauty treatments and wake up looking great:


Wake up with soft skin. If your elbows are starting to look and feel a little rough, try this home remedy. Before bed, cut the toes off of a clean pair of cotton athletic socks, slather your elbows with Crisco, and slide the socks over the goop. You’ll wake up to baby soft elbows, just be sure to shower in the morning!

Wake up de-puffed. Say goodbye to baggy eyes and puffiness, all with the help of your pillows. When you lie flat, fluid can gather around your eyes. So lie on your back and sleep on a stack of pillows to keep your head elevated. This will allow fluid to drain, preventing puffiness. And for an added beauty bonus, cover those pillows in silk pillowcases. Sleeping on silk will prevent lines and sleep creases.

Wake up with beachy waves. Apply a bit of product (like styling cream or gel) to wet or damp hair, then braid away! A French braid starting from the root will work best, but a regular braid will also do. In the morning, let your hair down, comb through it with your fingers to loosen it up and your do will be ready for the day!

Wake up smelling fresh. Because your skin is calm and dry at night, deodorant is able to penetrate deeply into sweat ducts. Apply at night and you’ll wake up feeling fresh! The deodorant will continue working the next day too.

Wake up with hydrated skin. Humidifiers are great for drier climates and seasons, but there are benefits of year round use. Get your overnight skincare regimen to do even more. Sleep with a humidifier running for an added dose of skin-plumping moisture.

Wake up sun-kissed. Your skin absorbs lotion best in the evening, which makes nighttime perfect for applying self-tanner. Apply at least an hour before bed (to avoid staining your sheets) and wake up to a streak-free sunless tan.

Wake up with smooth cuticles. Since your skin does a lot of its repairing at night, you can slather on the moisturizing treatments before bed and wake up to real results. Hydrate your cuticles while you sleep by applying a generous amount of cuticle oil and allowing it to absorb for a few minutes. Then cover each cuticle with a coat of petroleum jelly to seal it all in. When you wash up in the morning, your cuticles will be in great condition.

Wake up bright-eyed. This one isn’t exactly overnight beauty, but it is a nice added bonus to your nighttime beauty routine. Store your eye cream (if you’re not using eye cream, read this to find out why you should) and night cream in the fridge for a skin-soothing treat. Bonus: storing your creams in a cool, dry place (and not your warm, damp bathroom) will extend the life of your favorite products.

And remember: If you want to wake up looking and feeling great, you need to get in those 7-9 hours of beauty sleep!

What nighttime beauty treatments do you love? Share your favorite tips in the comments section!

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