Hi everyone,

I love when my subbies inspire me, especially when it comes to videos! So here’s a little recap of the $20 beauty challenge I accepted last week and the makeup tutorial I did with all of the products.

Buying on a budget can be tough, but I have some pointers to consider the next time you’re heading to the drugstore:

1. Invest in anything that goes on your skin. I can’t stress this one enough because foundations, concealers, and other skincare products can really affect your whole look. Cheaper products might cause skin irritation or breakouts, and that’s something you don’t want to risk when you’re penny pinching.

2. Buy multifunctional products. For example, eyeliner can double for mascara, foundation can be applied as concealer, and lipstick can be used as cream blush! When you’re on a budget, multifunctional is key! : )

3. Try it before you buy it (if you can).


MY $20 HAUL:

And now for the tutorial…


Okay now it’s your turn! I dare YOU to do the $20 beauty challenge. If you can, go to your local drugstore and buy the products you need to create whatever look you want. You can simply tell me about the products you bought, upload photos of your finished look, or a video of the whole thing!

I can’t wait to see what you come up with. Good luck!

PS. You have to be a registered member on my site to comment and play. If you’re having problems signing up, just click here.

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