Hi everyone,

Nails have become a canvas for some of the most artistic and creative expression yet, and I love it! New polish colors, textures, techniques, and trends are always popping up, so I’m curious to know, what nail styles interest you these days?

I dare you to try something new and exciting on your nails this week. Maybe you’ve always wanted to try matte polish, an intricate design, or the caviar trend; whatever it may be, have a little fun! Here’s what I’m rocking right now to get your started:





Upload a pic of your nail style to your MichellePhan.com profile and paste the link to the photo in the comments below… I will feature some of the designs on the site next week! Enjoy and good luck everyone!

<3 Mish

Ps. If you haven’t tried mirco bead nails, click here for my tutorial!

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