Beauty Dare: Show Me Your Ulzzang!

Hi everyone,

Have any of you heard of ulzzang? Ulzzang translates to “best face” in Korean and has inspired people to post photos of before and after their makeup transformations. I think it would be fun to have our own little ulzzang challenge on the site! Will you accept?

Here’s my best face… after makeup of course! ;)


Since I like to start my tutorials with a fresh and bare face, you all know what I look like before and after makeup. I think it’s so important to appreciate your natural beauty, so if you’re feeling up to it, upload and share your before and after ulzzang photos. I can’t wait to see them!

Share this beauty challenge with your friends and upload photos together!

<3 Mish

PS. You have to be a registered member to play, so click here for instructions on how to sign up! It’s free and international! :)

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