Hi everyone,

Holy moly you guys. I am so impressed by your submissions for the Neon Eyes Beauty Dare a few weeks ago. You guys are so talented. O_O I loved how many of you tried this out…isn’t it fun to experiment with bright colors sometimes?

I liked looking through all of your photos so much that I wanted to feature a few of them here on the homepage. I wish I could share them all! For now though, here are a few that were especially impressive… I hope these provide some bonus inspiration for the rest of the week. Thanks for sharing!!



Maria T. chose a bright sea foam liner. Maria says, “I just LOVE this colour.” – So do I!


Alex L. went with a creamy orange look! Alex says, “My lighting washes it all out, but I feel runway ready!”


YuHai T. did a really bright blue color for her neon eyes. She says, “Makeup is like a little treat to myself…”


Silvia K.‘s photo is so fun!! Lol! You can see her bright blue eyeliner even though she’s not closer to the camera. Silvia says, “here are some pics of me wearing MAC aqualine :)) sorry, i’m not an expert on make up.” – you don’t have to be :D


Alyssa D. went with a dramatic hot pink look. Alyssa says, “Here are my neon eyes… I really like the look! Stay beautiful! <3" – Love this


Elizabeth O. chose a really bold look for her neon eyes. I used a similar yellow shadow for my neon eyes. Elizabeth says, “Nothing is more fun than a Neon eye!”

And finally, Sheryn F. did a “double dare” and rocked TWO different neon eyes looks:


Sheryn says, “Don’t really think this is quite a dare/ challenge for me, cause I do this most of the time during spring/summer… esp. when my outfits are boring.” – Makeup is a great way to balance out your outfit and accessories. : )

Which color is your favorite?

<3 Mish

P.S. What should the next Beauty Dare be?

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