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When it comes to contouring, less is usually more. You want to create a natural-looking, believable effect; not a crazy, discolored mess! Contouring and highlighting with your makeup is an art, so you have to be careful not to go overboard.

Over-contouring is one of the trickier beauty pet peeves to avoid, simply because the line between “just right” and “overboard” is so thin. When done correctly, contouring brings dimension to your face and showcases your features. But if you over-do it, your makeup ends up looking weird and ridiculous… sometimes even dirty (this is especially the case around the nose).

The first step to avoiding this faux pas is knowing exactly which areas to contour. Your shading should fall in a place that looks natural, so locating those cheekbone lines is key. Make some funny faces in the mirror until you’ve found them! Then, make sure that the color you are contouring with is the right shade for your skin. Stick with matte finishes and be careful not to choose anything that much darker than your natural color. Finally, once you start your contouring, do it as lightly as possible. Remember, it’s always easier to add more, but not as easy to take it away. Try changing your lighting if you feel like you’re getting nowhere; you could be applying more than you think.

Do you struggle with contouring? How do you avoid this problem?

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