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The reason why I really don’t like this one is obvious – it just looks ridiculous. No one wants a mismatched face, but it happens. In this situation, your makeup tends to look fine in natural lighting, but then when you take photos, things are suddenly very wrong. A lot of girls that this happens to don’t even realize it until afterwards when they log onto their Facebooks and they look at their tagged photos, and then they’re like, who is this mess?!

There are a few reasons why this happens. First off, the powder that they’re using might be mineral makeup, so it has natural SPF in it. And a lot of the times, this mineral makeup reflects light very easily. So when you take a photo and the flash goes off, suddenly that’s all you’re seeing – just this big reflection of powder. Secondly, they might be over-powdering and putting way too much on, when they only need to blot just a little bit around the places where their face tends to get oily. Another reason might be that they are using a silica-based powder, which is very white and very pigmented. Silica-based powders will also reflect light.

It’s a bummer because these products absorb oil so well, which is why when you see this happen to celebrities, it’s most likely that they used a silica-based product in the hopes of keeping their oil in check throughout the night. Add to that the fact that a lot of people apply too much, and you’ve got a flour powder mess.

My tip for fixing this problem is simply to check yourself before you wreck yourself. Before you go out, head into the bathroom, turn off the lights, and take a photo of your face with a flash camera. This will expose any of your excess powder and you’ll be able to fix it before heading out the door and avoid looking like a mess!

Has this ever happened to you?

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