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Do you have any beauty pet peeves? There are a few things on my list of beauty faux pas and spidery lashes is definitely one of them. Why do people let their mascara look like this?! By spidery lashes, I mean that look where the wearer’s eyelashes goop together to look like spindle-y spider legs. Here’s a close-up:

When you pile on too much mascara, your delicate lashes clump together and begin to form bendy spider legs. Your lashes should be full, not sparse and bunchy!!

This beauty faux pas is often the result of old, thick, or dry mascara that is layered on in multiple applications. You can avoid this problem by making sure to choose a mascara with a quicker consistency. Also, know when it’s time to stop when it comes to applying multiple coats. If your lashes are already starting to look a little overdone, adding another coat is only going to make it worse. Finally, spidery lashes can occur if your eyes get wet or you cry when you already have mascara on. When the lashes dry again, they trend to bunch together.

A lot of people seem to think this will be a trendy look come fall, but I really, really hope not!

Do spidery lashes drive you crazy too?!

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