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Unlike piling on the blush or going out with a flour powder face, wearing a foundation that’s too light for your skin tone is a beauty faux pas that starts at the makeup counter, before the application process even begins. Since this is the time of year that this blunder tends to happen the most, I thought it would be a good one to go over in today’s blog.

Foundation that’s too light for your skin is an easy trap to fall into, since your coloring will typically change throughout the year depending on the amount of time you spend out in the sun. To account for these changes, I recommend keeping more than one foundation in your beauty bag – one the color of your skin, and the other two shades darker. That way, you can easily create a custom blend of the two for a perfectly matched shade year-round, no matter how bronzed or fair you are. Concealer palettes with more than one shade of concealer are great for the same reason. It may sound like a pricey solution, but it shouldn’t be; since you have more product to work with, it should actually last you longer than if you just had one. It also gives you a much more versatile palette to work!

Have You ever seen this faux pas? (Or committed it yourself?)


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