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Another big beauty pet peeve of mine is too much blush. I just think it kind of overwhelms the face and it looks cheap. It’s hard though, because there’s a fine line between rosy, doll-like blush and too much blush. When you have too much on your whole face gets red and it gets a really forced flush. Overall it just looks really fake, and no one wants to look fake!

I think there are two main reasons why a lot of girls make this mistake. One, they’re not using the right brush, so they’re over-applying and over-powdering their faces without realizing it, and then maybe they’re just leaving without checking. Or two, their blush and/or brush aren’t very good quality, so they feel like they have to apply more and more to get the color they want.

This one’s also tricky because when you’re doing a gradual build with your blush, you sometimes tend to forget how much you’ve already put on. You’re just applying and applying and waiting to see color, and when you finally do, it’s bright and it’s crazy.

The easiest way to fix this (and this will even happen to me sometimes when I’m applying makeup on the go and I forgot to clean the blush brush that I have with me) is to add another layer of face setting powder (not translucent, but actual powder) to your face. This will help remove and cover up a bit of the extra blush.

Does too much blush drive you crazy too? Tell me some more of your beauty pet peeves in the comments!

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