Did you enjoy my last horoscope gift guide? This time, in honor of Taurus—the bull—I have a roundup of beauty gift ideas that fit with each element of all your Taurus girls’ personality, from patience to loyalty and more:

Taurus Gift Guide for Beauty Lovers

Taurus: April 19th—May 20th

The Taurus personality isn’t quite as bold and fiery as its Aries Zodiac neighbor, but that may be because she’s more low-maintenance (with an indulgent side, for sure), and like her Earth element suggests—down to earth. Taurus’ are often great friends because they are patient and loyal, despite their tendency to be on the stubborn side. Basically, your Taurus friend always has your back, so she’s very well deserving of a beauty goodie or two.

Something like a spa package or DIY nail art kit will play to her patient side. And if it’s a milestone birthday, she’ll definitely appreciate a splurge like the Estee Lauder Clear Difference Purifying Mask + Eve Lom Kiss Mix. Both are perfect at-home spa items for the girl that loves a good luxury product and has the patience to achieve great skin. Plus, a girls’ night in is exactly what your best babe (cue cute pin from Moorea Seal) would look forward to.

A more literal interpretation of a beauty-loving Taurus’ loyalty would be a vanity staple like NARS Blush in Orgasm: AKA a beauty product that never disappoints! It’s an especially good pick for someone that truly is low-maintenance, as they probably don’t want a hit or miss product. Along those lines, long-wearing formulas are no-fail go-tos as well: Milk Makeup Oil Lip Stain in Tude + Jouer Long Wearing Liquid Lipstick both deliver in terms of formula, but you might want to add in a good lip color remover, because long-wearing products can be just as stubborn as a Taurus!

Last but not least, if you’re looking for something a little more offbeat, the Taurus is said to have a sensual side. Why not play up this personality trait with a perfume containing natural aphrodisiacs like the amber and gardenia in Kate Spade’s Live Colorfully Rollerball? If nothing else, it’ll smell delightful and provide a good laugh!

Do you have any Taurus friends or family?

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