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Going through security at the airport can be a pain, especially if you’re not a frequent flyer. While most of us follow the 3-1-1 rule (quantity of liquids allowed in your carry-on) some beauty products might contain ingredients that will alert security, even if they’re travel-sized.

It’s up for debate, but circling the beauty sphere is this question of explosive ingredients in certain lotions. Some products have been found to contain ammonium nitrate, which is a fertilizer that’s used to make illegal explosives. Yikes! Cosmetics aren’t explosive themselves, but using this chemical as an ingredient could be harmful to the skin after prolonged use.

Apparently they’re also harmful to the TSA because high-tech scanners at the airport have reportedly detected levels of ammonium nitrate on people’s bodies who’ve used certain creams. This isn’t to cause alarm or scare anybody about their moisturizers, but until further research is done on this topic, what do you think about it?

Have you heard about dangerous/explosive ingredients in beauty products?

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