Skincare Spotlight: Face Oils

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For years people have shied away from using oil in their beauty regimens. Not long ago, the idea of putting oil in your hair seemed preposterous—but then argan oil exploded on to the beauty scene and turned us all into believers. Yet many of us are still scared to try face oil. If your skin is looking for a boost, face oil (also referred to as beauty oil) could be the answer.

The plant, fruit and nut oils that are found in beauty oils are naturally hydrating and very nourishing to the skin. They revive, heal and balance skin cells, which results in that radiant glow we all strive for. 


People often think that oily skin and face oil don’t mix. But using products that are too drying can actually cause the skin to secrete more oil. Another misconception is that oils do not absorb well. But beauty oils are lightweight and absorb quite easily.



It’s really just personal preference whether you prefer cream or oil moisturizer. Sometimes I find that the heavy creams that most of us turn to in the winter, sit on top of skin rather delivering moisture where it’s needed. If your cream moisturizer just isn’t cutting it anymore, maybe it’s time to trade it in for an oil.

Have you ever used beauty oil? Let me know your thoughts on this product in the comments section!

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  1. shay says:

    josie maran argan oil light and the normal argan oil one and tart marcuja oil! they are great!!!

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