Beauty Police: Feathered Lipstick

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I was reading some beauty articles the other day and noticed that “Blurred Edges” was named a top lip trend for the upcoming fall season.  There are so many different ways that you can wear and use lipstick, and this unique look proves it. Here’s the feathered look I’m talking about:



Interesting, right? I can’t help but think that it just looks like these models got a little smooching in right before the show! :) If you’re a fan of this look, all you have to do is dip a q-tip in powder, tap off the excess, and gently rub the swab back and forth over the outline of your mouth.  Or you can just use your fingers to smudge!  The models at Christian Dior wore a similar version of this look, but it was less wine-stained and more pink ombré:



I think this lip look definitely works for spring, and it’s something that could transfer more easily to day-to-day wear.  It’s playful and interesting, and the gradual pink fade looks much more natural than the wine-smudged lips above!


What do you think of the “feathered” lipstick trend? Would you wear any of these looks? Sound off in the comments!

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Photo sources: Michele Morosi via, Luca Cannonleri via,


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