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Now that you’ve officially traded your bronzers for cheek stain and shimmery gloss for a dark lip, it’s time to turn your attention to transitioning your skin routine.  Once the weather gets chillier, your skin can start to suffer the repercussions – dryness, flakiness and cracking are just a few of unfortunate side effects of dropping temperatures.  To combat these cold-weather symptoms, try my tips below…

How to Combat Dry, Flaky Fall & Winter Skin

1.) Hot or not: A hot, steamy shower may feel good, but it’s actually making your dry skin worse.  According to WebMD, “…hot showers strip your body of its natural oil barrier, and you need that barrier to help trap moisture and keep your skin smooth and moist.”  Pat dry post-shower and immediately slather on your favorite lotion to lock in moisture. 

2.) Sunscreen saver: A lot of people ditch the sunscreen once fall rolls around – big mistake! Just because you can’t see the sun’s rays doesn’t mean it isn’t affecting your skin. For those of you who live in snowy places, the snow glare can be especially damaging to your skin.  Make sure to apply a broad-spectrum sunscreen to your face before stepping outside, no matter how gloomy it looks.

3.) Switch it up: When it comes to your skin routine, fall is the best time to switch to milder cleansers and richer moisturizers; the cold weather dries out your skin more quickly, so help it out with a creamier lotion.  Same with your makeup products – for example, swap your powder blush for a cream blush to give your skin a dewy glow and cover up dryness.

4.) Exfoliate less: One of the first reactions you might have when you see any flaking is to immediately reach for your trusty face brush or exfoliating body wash.  After all, if we can buff any flakes on our lips away, the same should apply to our face and body, right? Wrong.  Parched skin peels, and exfoliating it can lead to more skin irritation and dryness.  First, quench the skin by moisturizing and only exfoliate or dry brush afterwards if necessary.

5.) Prime time: One way to create a smooth canvas to apply your face makeup is to use a face primer.  Primers will prevent product from settling into any lines on your skin, as well as provide a base for your foundation.  During the colder seasons, I recommend warming up your foundation with your fingers for a smooth, even finish.


How do you switch up your skin routine for the colder season? Tell me in the comments!


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Sources: WebMD, Refinery29
Photo credit: Fei Fei Sun by Josh Olins for VOGUE China November 2011


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