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It’s amazing to watch styles come and go. Nowadays trends seem to change with the seasons, but if we look back in history, beauty and fashion were relatively consistent for decades at a time.

When it comes to nail art and trends, some styles have been circular and made a comeback, while others fade away and are a stamp in beauty history. But since I love learning about and trying new nail trends, I thought it would be cool to take a little trip through the decades in nail fashions. So get your notebooks out and pencils ready, because we’re going time traveling!



The Classic 50’s – It wasn’t long after nail polish was invented in the 20’s, that ladies began to rock the red. Rosy nails with a natural oval shape and slight tapered point at the end were extremely popular, especially in women of the upper classes. It was also common to match red lipstick with your nails to really bring the look together.


The free spirited 60’s – During the hippie era, nail polish really depended on a person’s taste. Most women opted for a natural, chemical-free nail, but it was also common to sport soft, subtle shades and frosted polishes, too.


The two-sided 70’s – You could pretty much sum up this decade in two parts: punk or glam. Punk stuck to black polish and glam tended to be long and natural. The square shape grew in popularity during this time and women started to play with solid colors. In 1975 when film and television needed a versatile nail to compensate for wardrobe changes, the French manicure was launched and trademarked by Orly, however the look mainly stayed in Hollywood until the 90s.


The dramatic 80’s – Everything during the 80’s was big including nail trends. The square shape was extremely popular and women wore really long and dramatic acrylics with bright/flashy designs. Press-on nails also became huge since you could apply new styles with a simple stick and push.


The French phase of the 90’s – Classy white tips and the neutral bed that makes up the French manicure was the biggest craze before the turn of the century. Lots of women accented their nails with rhinestones and airbrush art during this decade, too.

Today’s trends – It seems like nail art changes on a weekly basis. I don’t even know what to expect next, but I’m excited to see new colors, textures, techniques and trends on the market in the near future! : )

What are your favorite nail trends of the decades?

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