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Hi everyone,

If you’ve ever gone shopping for an eyeliner brush, you’ve probably noticed what a wide variety there are to choose from. There are brushes for liquid, gel and powder liner. Some are angled, some are flat, some are pointed and some are squared. Some are even bent towards the tip of the brush to give you a different angle of control. The one you use depends on the type of technique you’ll be using, the type of liner you’ll be using, and the line look that you are going for.

If you are confused about which one to invest in, an angled eyeliner brush like the one pictured above is the most universal. It’s versatile, can be used for all types of liner, and is pretty simple to master. Ones with shorter hairs will also give you greater control over your line. This is the type of liner brush that I probably use the most!

Do you use an eyeliner brush for your eyeliner? Which one do you prefer?

<3 Mish

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Pictured: Sephora Classic Angled Liner/Eyeliner Brush

  • heartforart

    Whenever I use cream/gel (is there a difference between the two?) eyeliner then I like to use an angled eyeliner brush, but most of the time I end up using liquid liner with a hard felt tip so there’s more control to make really thin lines for me (I have monolids – yay asian girls!). :)

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